In following with CDC guidelines, and as permitted by Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, for adult group classes, adult private lessons and adult membership access, Philadelphia Woodworks no longer requires the wearing of masks indoors for fully vaccinated individuals.

Please note that we do have a different standard for masking as it relates to kids lessons and summer camps, see below.

For the protection of our community, masks are still required indoors for any individuals who are not fully vaccinated.

The entire Philadelphia Woodworks staff team is fully vaccinated.

Mask Policy for Kids Lessons and Summer Camps:

Generally speaking for both kids lessons and summer camps, all individuals involved — both child participants and coaches — will continue to be required to wear masks this summer.  Any indoor snack breaks during camps will be done with children significantly separated from each other, generally in different rooms whenever possible.
For private lessons with children who are fully vaccinated, parents may choose if they wish for their child and his/her coach to wear masks during their lessons.
With the changing landscape of vaccination for children 12 years old and older (which is currently authorized and in full swing), there may be changes to our masking policy for our summer camps for kids 12-14 years old.
We do not anticipate any changes to our masking policy for our younger kids camps (9-11 years old) as we do not expect the timing of vaccination for kids that age to be widespread this summer (if even authorized).
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