It is a top priority of Philadelphia Woodworks to keep our employees and customers safe from COVID-19 and that we maintain measures to reduce its spread.  The measures outlined below will be continuously monitored and improved as needed.  We welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers.

General Procedures for all Staff, Customers and Visitors

  • Face masks covering mouth and nose are required for all individuals inside our facility.  Masks are not required during outdoor activity. Signs and reminders will be posted throughout the building reminding our staff and customers of the importance of wearing a mask, washing hands and cleaning surfaces.


  • Customers will be encouraged to maintain social distancing discipline.  Since instruction and safety oversight cannot always be managed from a distance and certain tasks require an extra set of hands for help, we understand that distancing is not always possible in our facility or with the activity of woodworking.  We expect however every visitor to our facility to behave reasonably and respectful of social distancing guidelines and be aware of those around them.


  • Congregate indoor eating will not be permitted until further notice.  An outdoor event tent with large picnic tables will be provided for eating.  The PW kitchen, including our refrigerator and microwave will be off-limits until further notice.  Members and students are welcome to keep their food in their cars in coolers and cooler bags.


  • Customers and members will not be permitted to lounge in our lobby space. Customers who are joining us for scheduled classes, camps or private instruction lessons will be required to wait outside at our tent-covered picnic tables after stopping in to check-in and get any paperwork that needs to be filled out.  Our staff will come out to get you when ready!


  • Spray cleanser and paper towel stations will be located conveniently throughout the facility for customers to use whenever desired.


  • When not necessary to keep to them closed, exterior and interior passage doors will be propped open to reduce the need to touch door handles.


  • Customers are required to refrain from coming to our facility for at least two weeks if:
    • They have a fever of 100.4 F or higher;
    • They are confirmed to have COVID-19 or are experiencing any of its symptoms;
    • Have been exposed to anyone confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19; or
    • Have traveled out of the country or to regions with a high number of cases.
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