Rustic Storage Trunk Information on Decorative Hardware

Decorative hardware like handles, hasps, straps, locks, etc. can be used to personalize and enhance our rustic trunk.  Given the volume of different options, styles, sizes, etc. and the wide range of costs, PW cannot stock a selection of decorative hardware.  There are many online retailers, however, who sell a variety of decorative hardware that looks wonderful with our trunk.  We encourage students to explore the use of decorative hardware on their trunks!

Below are links to some decorative hardware suppliers and products.  We invite students to order and bring with them hardware to class and, time permitting, we will do our best to help install it.  No promises can be made.  Any hardware that requires routers to install will not be possible in class.  Only that which can be surface mounted with screws would be possible, but again, time permitting.

The walls of the trunk are 3/4″ thick.  The fasteners supplied with your hardware may be too long for that thickness of material.  Stanley’s Hardware, about 10 minutes from the shop, has a selection of screws in a variety of finishes, include powder coated black, that can easily replace your hardware if you need either shorter or longer screws.

The links below are just some suggestions and by no means exhaustive. Please explore the world of decorative hardware and choose whatever items work for your taste and budget.


This <handle> is used on one of our prototypes and has been used on our custom millwork projects by us in the past.  It is well built, very attractive and the included screws are already the correct length!


Do NOT order this <hasp> set.  It was used for our prototypes but is not cast well and required us to modify it with a grinder and then to repaint sections of it.

We have never ordered either this <hasp> or this <hasp> but both seem attractive. They are a higher price point and likely to be cast better. We know nothing of the length of the included hardware with either. seems to have a great selection of <hasps> but we have never ordered from them. also seems to have a decent selection of <hasps>, but we have never ordered from them.


There are many antique-style locks like <this> and <this> all over the internet that could be a great decorative addition.  They seem to range in price from very cheap for a set of two to relatively expensive for just one.


Corners like <these> could make for a nice accent!



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