Reservation and Cancellation Policy

We are very excited that you are interested in taking classes at Philadelphia Woodworks!  The following Reservation and Cancellation Policy, which applies to our group classes as well as our safety certification classes,  is designed to help us create and offer the best and most enjoyable class experience to you that we can.

Payment Required to Reserve Class Spot(s).  To reserve one or more spots in a class payment must be received at the time of reservation.  Call us, use our online class reservation portal or stop by the shop to reserve your spot today. Our contact information is below and under “Contact Us“.

Minimum Age. All participants must be 18 or older to participate in any adult-level class, activity, or demonstration. Minors may be allowed to participate in classes and demonstrations after consultation with Philadelphia Woodworks staff.  Just call us at 267-331-5880 to inquire.

Maximum Class Size, Minimum Class Size and Our Waiting List.  All class listings show a minimum and maximum size for each class.   When classes reach max reservation, we will take a waiting list but we highly recommend that you reserve a spot in the next offering of that class just in case.  Classes that do not reach their minimum reservation level within 3 days of start time will be canceled and all of those who are reserved will be notified by email, phone and text as quickly as possible.

Arrival Time and Waiver: Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the start-time of your class. Before starting a class, all participants must have executed a Waiver and Release of Liability. We can send you this Release in an email in advance if you like – just ask.

Cancellation of Class Enrollment by Student.  We understand the need for last minute cancellations, nevertheless they are costly to us with regard to material preparations, changes in staffing and refilling the spot last minute, if possible.  Our cancellation window is based on the cost of the class.

  • Classes with Tuition Less Than or Equal to $125 = 7 days
  • Classes with Tuition Greater Than $125 = 14 days

For cancellations outside these windows, refunds are available.  Credit card refunds are subject to our standard 5% refund charge while crediting your account for future tuition has no charge whatsoever.  For cancellations inside those windows, refunds will be offered as a PW account credit only if we are able to fill your spot.

Cancellation of Class or Event by PW for Snow/Ice.  For the safety of our staff, students and members, PW is sometimes forced to cancel classes because of unsafe road conditions from snow and ice.  If such a cancellation is required and if a snow date is posted for that class, no other dates or offerings other than the snow date are available to enrollees.  If a snow date is not posted for a class, should that class be cancelled for snow or ice, enrollees may enroll in any future offering of that class that works for their schedule.

Any winter class that has a snow date reserved for it by PW will have had such date posted and reserved since the time of posting the class.  Students are expected to reserve snow dates on their calendars in case they need to be utilized.

Cancellation or Class or Event by PW for Any Other Reason.  From time to time, circumstances beyond our control arise and classes must be cancelled, sometimes with little advance notice.  PW will make every effort to reach all reserved class takers by email, phone and text as soon as such an event arises.  In the event of such a cancellation, PW will maintain a full credit of all paid tuition toward any future offering of that class at PW.

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