Six-Week Kids After-School Woodworking Programs!

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We request cash, check or Venmo for payment for our kids programs.  Cash, check and Venmo payments have no fees!  Credit cards have a 3.5% pass-through processing fee.  Call us (267-331-5880) or email us ( so we can reserve a spot for your child and make payment arrangements!

2023/24 Wednesdays Programs

Workshop Description: We are thrilled to offer six-week school-year workshops for kids ages 9 through 12! Our series of safe, fun and educational projects will be perfect to help children expand their understanding of hands-on crafts and to develop confidence with basic woodworking tools. Workshops will be run by our team of expert youth educators who understand safe woodworking techniques just as much as how to work with and support kids.  Your children will make great projects that they can enjoy using at home for years to come. Our workshops are designed to build different projects in different sessions, so multiple sessions will reinforce skills but will not duplicate the projects made!  Sign up today or call us with any questions at 267-331-5880.

Skill Level: Beginner. No experience necessary!

Cost per Session: $389 tuition + materials ($99 + tax)
All-in Cost = $496

  • Kids programs, including summer camps, are not available for sales, promotions or discounts.
  • We request payment by cash, check or Venmo whenever possible.  Cash, check and Venmo payments have no fees! Online enrollments and enrollments with credit cards have a 3.5% processing fee.

Late Arrivals / Missed Sessions.  Our workshops move linearly and the entire class cannot proceed or finish the contemplated projects unless we start on-time with each and every session. In the case that a child needs to arrive late or miss a session, the instructors will need to move that child’s project forward with the rest of the children and do the work on behalf of the child.

Rescheduling: Allowable only 21 or more days before start of class. See our full Reservation and Rescheduling Policy here.

Other Workshop Opportunities: Based on information we have received from different families, there is some interest in multi-week workshops with different timing than those above.  Email or call us if any you want another option like weekday mornings for homeschooling families.



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