Need One-on-One Help? Private Instruction with Our Pros!

Need help getting a project off the ground? Have a specific project in mind and don’t know where to start? Have some holes in your understanding of woodworking techniques you want to fill in? Have a schedule that is just too difficult for group classes? These reasons, plus a million more, are exactly what Private Instruction is all about! Perfect for non-members, we can take you from just the idea of a project to leaving our shop with it expertly crafted 100% by you! We are completely focused on creating for you exactly the experience you want and need.


How can we help you? Lots of ways!

  • Planning, picking lumber and creating a cut list
  • How to use machines and tools safely and productively
  • Teaching expert techniques for gorgeous projects
  • Side-by-side help, guidance and support while you construct every piece of your project
  • Keeping you motivated and moving forward to get your projects completed!

We are flexible to schedule private lessons around your busy life and timing. And we’ll never leave you scratching your head or unsure – we’re by your side the whole time! Call us today at (267) 331-5880 to schedule a consultation for your project!  (Please note the consultations are not complimentary.  All time with our coaches is at our standard private instruction rates.)

Neither membership nor safety certification required for Private Instruction! We’ll teach you all the safety you’ll need!

Want your kids to enjoy the fun of woodworking in a safe and supportive environment?? We do Private Instruction for kids too!

Need us to make you something, prep and cut your lumber or custom fabricate your idea?? Custom Millwork is right up our alley! Just call to discuss your project with us!

Please be aware of the following policies:

  • The cost for a 1-on-1 private instruction session is $100/hour + materials. We have a one hour minimum for all sessions, and additional time is rounded up in 5-minute increments thereafter. 2-on-1 sessions are $70/hour/person, and 3+-on-1 sessions are $60/hour/person. Unlimited access members enjoy 10% off the rate and a reduction of the minimum session to 15 minutes.
  • The calculation of the length of a private instruction lesson is based on your scheduled time, not your arrival time.  Please arrive a few minutes early!  The only exception to this is the case that a lessons starts late because your coach is running late. For example, if your lesson is from 11am-1pm and you arrive at 11:15am and work until 1pm, you will still be charged for two hours, not 1:45.  Again, please arrive a few minutes early.
  • Our cancellation policy for private lessons requires ample notice to be given to us as we turn away others once a time is booked. Appointments cancelled with less notice given than required will be charged for 50% of the amount of time reserved, with a minimum payment of one full hour. It is very unlikely that with short notice we will be able to resell time that had been reserved specifically for you and for which others had been turned away.  The amount of notice needed depends on the length of the session booked as follows:
    • Lesson Duration Less Than Two Hours: 48 hours of notice needed
    • Lesson Duration of Two Hours or More:  5 days of notice needed
  • All private instruction sessions require a credit card to hold your reservation, so please have your credit card ready when booking.
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