Join Our Team!!

Philadelphia Woodworks is always seeking highly personable and talented craftspeople to join our team as shop monitors and teachers. PW offers a wonderful and engaging work environment where shop monitors work hands-on with eager students and members of all levels.  In addition, the PW shop is fully available for shop monitors to use for personal projects when not staffed!

Shop Monitor Responsibilities include:

  • One-on-one instruction with members and students of all skill levels
  • Teaching of woodshop classes
  • Preparation of materials for classes and presentations
  • Fabrication of custom projects
  • Routine maintenance of shop and machinery
  • Construction and maintenance of shop fixtures, benches, cabinets, jigs, etc.

Desired Candidate:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Educational background and/or professional experience in fine woodworking with proven understanding of woodworking equipment and techniques including table saws, lathes, jointers, planers, miter saws, bandsaws, drill presses, routers, nailers, sanders, hand tools, joinery, cabinet and furniture making and finishing
  • Mechanical inclination with ability to fix, calibrate and tune-up machinery
  • Dependable automobile transportation for all weather conditions (required)

Position Details:

  • Full time position consisting of weekday, weeknight and weekend shifts
  • Shop Monitor will enjoy free member access to the shop during off-hours for personal projects
  • Email us directly for information on compensation.

Application Instructions:

  • Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.
  • Please email to (i) a cover letter stating your interest in the position and your relevant qualifications, (ii) resume, (iii) portfolio or photos of relevant fine woodworking projects and (iv) relevant references.
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