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Conquering the Hand Router (Fixed Base!)

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Duration: 3 hours

Class Description: The hand-held router is one of the most under-utilized power tools in the woodshop. Learn how to harness the versatility this tool offers for a variety of applications. Students will learn router anatomy, maintenance, safety, technique, router bit selection and applications.

Note: Students are encouraged to bring in their own routers and/or bits so that we can teach you how to use the tool you’ll be using at home. Please arrive 15-30 min prior to class to have your router evaluated before use. Students are of course welcome to use our professional grade routers!

Skill Level: Beginner

Tuition: $129 + materials ($29 + tax)

Rescheduling: Allowable only 14 or more days before start of class. See our full Reservation and Rescheduling Policy here.

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  • “The class was excellent- made me want to come again. Definitely buying a router!” Kathleen S.
  • “Class was well run, time flew by. I was given the confidence that I could a router safety and correctly. We all got the appropriate amount of individual attention.”
  • “Great class. Pleasant atmosphere. Friendly staff. I’ll definitely be taking another class!” Stephanie R.
  • “The instructor was knowledgeable and fluent on the use of the equipment. He left me with the confidence that I could safely and properly apply everything I learned.” Ed L.


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