Woodshop 101:  Slice and Serve! (Make a Tray AND a Knife)

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Skill Level:  Complete Beginner!

Class Description: Need a starting point to try your hand at woodworking?  This is the class for you!  This ‘Woodshop 101’ creates a great foundation for understanding wood and woodworking, all while making incredible projects to use and enjoy at home.  Also called ‘Slice and Serve’, this class introduces complete beginners to a full array of professional grade tools including a jointer, planer, table saw, router table, drill press, band saw, belt sander and more. Students experience the precision needed to make a flawless food serving tray as well as the feeling of shaping and carving by hand a comfortable knife handle for an ultra-versatile chef’s knife.  Our use of breadboard ends on the serving tray offers a gorgeous sense of sophistication while helping teach students a fundamental understanding of how wood expands and contracts throughout the year, something all woodworkers must master!

Important Note on the Striped Center Tray Panel:  The two-night class does not have the time for students to design and glue their own striped panels.  Those panels need to be glued at least 24 hours before the start of class.  Our instructors prepare these panels ahead of time.

Tuition: $239 + materials ($139 + tax)

Rescheduling: Allowable only 14 or more days before start of class. See our full Reservation and Rescheduling Policy here.

Manufacturer Information on the Knife:  ZHEN AUS 10 Knives are constructed from three layers of AUS 10 steel (HRC59-61) forged together to form a refined grain structure that is more wear resistant, much tougher, and has the ability sharpen and maintain a keen edge. AUS-10 Japanese stainless steel has roughly the same carbon content as 440C but with slightly less chromium, so it should be a bit less rust resistant but tougher than traditional 440C. It also competes well with the higher-end steels, like ATS-34 and above. Overall Length: 12-3/4″;  Blade Length: 7-9/16″




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