NOTE: Boards & Booze is BYO Alcohol and Snacks

Special Event: Boards & Booze!

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BYO Snacks & Alcohol:  These events are BYO (Bring Your Own) alcohol & snacks, beer and wine only.  PW will not be supplying alcohol or food.  For safety reasons, no alcohol may be consumed until the use of all woodworking tools is finished for the night.  Participants 20 and younger are welcome to enroll, but only those 21 years of age or older, with valid ID, may consume alcohol.

Class Description: Does an alcohol-friendly woodworking event sound too good to be true?  It’s not! In just one extremely fun session you’ll enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and feel of a pro-grade woodshop, make a gorgeous cutting board you can use forever and enjoy whatever snacks and drinks you want to bring!  Enjoy hands-on work with our jointer, planer, table saw, routers and sanders. Enjoy by yourself and meet great new people, join with friends or bring that special someone for an amazing date!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The boards to be made will be a single piece of gorgeous, quarter sawn African Mahogany, not the stripped boards from the pictures from past events.  This change in material allows students to do more work hands-on from complete scratch compared to working with pre-designed, pre-milled and pre-glued striped boards as prior events used.

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Cost: $129 per individual (includes all materials!)

Skill Level: Complete Beginner!

Rescheduling: Allowable only 14 or more days before start of class. See our full Reservation and Rescheduling Policy here.



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